Sunday, September 18, 2005

Is it possible to be addicted to coffee?

I know the logical answer is yes, but this is a little strange. Every weekend, I get a really bad headache. For those of you know me, me and headaches usually go hand in hand… but, for the past 3 years, I only get headaches when I don’t drink enough water. Now, every weekend I have a headache. I figured my laziness and tv watching was to blame. Today, I figured that I think it is because I don’t start my day off with coffee.

Rob and I have this joke, in Seattle Mother Nature needs her coffee before it starts to get nice out. It’s always cloudy and grey in the morning and then the sun comes out and it’s nice around noon or 1pm. Is it the same for me too? At work, we have a really nice coffee machine, so I usually have 1 rarely 2 cups a day. Sometimes I have a latte. On the weekend, I don’t have coffee till much later if at all. I left the coffee maker in CT with Rob. I bet that is what it is.

This weekend was slow and I was nursing my headaches and a really bad cold that I think I finally shook. We accepted an offer on our house in CT. It’s nice to have that out of the way. Of course, we have to go through all the red tape, but everything should be fine. Rob will be out here in about 3 weeks. I canned 7 jars of homemade applesauce and am making Chicken Noodle Soup right now.

This week/end I am actually going to be really busy. Monday I have to get my hair cut at a place I found Vain. Then, I have to quickly run to Fremont because I have volunteer training for the Fremont Oktoberfest. The training is going to be at the Adobe Building, which is the headquarters for.. you guessed it… Adobe. On Tuesday night, I will be hitting happy hour after work for one of my co-worker's Bday. Then on Saturday I am going to hit the beer tent at the Oktoberfest as well as the Chainsaw Pumkin Carving Contest (don’t worry I will include pics). Then on Sunday I am working the race, so it would be a pretty action packed week I hope.

As for TV. Apprentice Martha Stewart is on this week, The Biggest Loser (my fav), 7th Heaven premire, So you think you can dance, Super Sweet 16, and my new favorite, My fair Brady. Gosh, I love the fall.

Oh, one more thing. My last paper for my masters was turned in and graded and I am now done with school woohoo! Have a great week.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Something is burning in my dishwasher

I need a man in my life that can take care of my household appliances and me. I have a wood-burning fireplace that I can’t start a fire because I am afraid the pIace will burn down. When I start my dishwasher I smell something burning, but when I inspect it.... I don’t see anything. I couldn’t even hook up my own Tivo. To top it all off, I am sick and I had to go get myself some food and meds. Oh yeah ... and there is a light out in my bedroom that I can’t seem to fix. It’s a good thing that I got married when I did and never had to live alone. It's obvious that I wouldn't have made it. I am finally getting over the lonesome part of being here, but now it’s the “I don’t know how to do anything myself because I never had to” part of it.

As I said earlier, Rob came in this weekend and last night he left around 10pm or so. He got home just in time to drive to work. It was great to have him here. Now it is just the cats and me. Stewie walked and we could tell she was thinking, “This is great… where is the rest of the house?” They have like 1 carpeted room to play in as opposed to 3 with hard wood floors. They seem to be ok, but they keep taking turns sleeping in a tiny basket that is on the floor. Then I saw Brian cuddled up by the front door as if he thinks there is a secret room there that he doesn’t have access too.

The only other notable item is: On my way home from the airport yesterday I got passed by a SMART car. I was so excited. Seeing the car next to mine just shows me that it is like 2/3s the size of my car. It had a Canadian license plate. British Columbia. The only license plate I have ever seen that the state name is preceded by an adjective. “Beautiful British Columbia” it says. LAME. As if it is any more beautiful then any other Canadian state or whatever they are called.

That’s my weekend. The picture is from the Seattle Mariners game on Saturday Night. I was so excited when my friend, Torie's, husband bought me a foam finger. I LOVE those.

..and here comes the product placement

We saw it last year, but as I am watching “The Biggest Loser” it is even clearer. Moving into the age of Tivo and on demand Television, product placement may be the only way to get your brand across to viewers. Within the first 10 minutes for “The Biggest Loser” someone from 24-hour fitness comes on the show to speak. The gym is called 24-hour fitness gym and all the contestants are now wearing 24-hour fitness t-shirts. We will see this in every reality show this season and most likely a handful of other shows. Oh yeah, now the first challenge is called "Diet Rite" challenge. Is Diet Rite even in buiness anymore?

I don’t really mind it because I know that commercials will be obsolete soon, so they have to do something. It remind me of that episode of Saved By the Bell where Zack makes subliminal messages on a tape and then plays them over the PA that say “Zack Morris is the bayside Tom Cruise”. Then all the girls liked him.

I just opened a gym membership today, if I would have waited a day, I bet it would have been 24 Hour Fitness and not Pure Fitness.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

PST ain’t so bad afterall

We were so excited to get up and watch the Michigan v. Notre Dame game this morning. Imagine being able to wake up and watch it while eating breakfast! I am happy to report that the noon games are not tape delayed, but instead are on at 9am. This makes for more efficient football watching. We get to sit in our jimmies and watch the game. At half time, I may venture to the shower. I am looking forward to EVERY Saturday in the fall.

Rob missed his flight on Thursday night, but I promptly picked him up from the airport on Friday morning with my attitude in check. The traffic sucks sometimes from CT to NYC, so we knew this could happen. Stewie was a real trooper the whole way. In no time at all, did she get all cuddled in and friendly. In fact, when we came home later that afternoon she was on top of the kitchen cabinets in the area between the ceiling and the top of the cabinet. What a little Brat! Now that the two a re back together they are looking for trouble.

I have pictures below of the cats from this morning and from the Seattle Duck Touron Friday afternoon. I also took Rob to one of my favorite burger joints so far Red Mill Burger Last night we went to see Oasis It was my first time seeing them and I loved it, I found that it is one of those rare cases where musicians play their own instruments, sing their own songs and still sound better then on the CD. That just doesn’t happen anymore. Later today we are going to drive around and then go to the Mariners game tonight with a friend from work. Rob is enjoying it here, even though the weather isn’t holding up that great.

Our place is also officially on the market and we have some interest. You can check it out here

Saturday, September 03, 2005

The Genius Bar redeems itself

I know I have given the Genius Bar a bad wrap in the past. I had horrible luck with them in West Hartford. I had a problem with my ibook so I brought it in and after waiting for 4 hours, the guy told me that I was hosed and that I would have to pay $250 to send it in to get fixed. I am pretty knowledgeable about computers, but this apple business is new ground for me. Luckily my aunt is a Mac expert and told me to just send it to her and she had it all fixed up in about a day. Turns out the problem was one that I probably could have fixed myself if I had been smarter. Anyway, I was disappointed with the quality of genius at the Genius bar.

This time I was pleasantly surprised. My ipod this time, it hasn't been sensing up with my iTunes. Public transportation makes an ipod a necessity. Rob and I are able to record anything that is streamed online and then save it as an mp3 and then transfer it to the ipod. Most people use ipods for music, but using it for talk radio is really wonderful. Anyway, I forgot that I only bought my ipod in December and it was still under warranty. They gave me a new one on the spot. The only problem is I don't have my name engraved on the back. :( And no Ang, I still wouldn't want the U2 Band members autographed on the back of mine either.

I also hit up the REI flagship store today. Nice store and great sales. Now I know where to go if I need.... well ... anything outdoor related. I ran some other errands and now I am back home. Listening to back episodes of Drew and Mike. I am working on my paper and planning my menu for the week so I can go grocery shopping this weekend.

Here is a picture of Brian getting comfortable in the window of the spare bedroom/office/storage room for boxes. Have a great weekend everyone! I will update again later.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Brian Arrives

Well, we have one down and 1 to go. Brian made the flight out here on Monday night with Rob. He sat in the passenger cabin in Rob's seat. When I spoke with Rob on his way to the airport, meows were screaming from the back seat. I was afraid that the people from the plane would tackle Rob for making them sit through the meow music on the way to Clevland and then on to Seattle. Rob finally arrived at 10:30pm on Monday night. We got Brian to my (our) apartment and cleaned him up. A little urine never heard nobody. His nose was all raw from rubbing on the bag the whole way to WA. It has been 3 days and finally I think he is adjusting. I don't think he likes not have hard wood floors (he likes to slide across the floor) and I think he is still uneasy about the whole new place and the time change. He is acting a little more normal every day and I know he will be even better when Stewie arrives next week.

Rob, on the other hand is doing well. His interviews were great and he has a lot of options coming his way. He likes Seattle and is excited about having no humidity. I feel so bad, it was the first rainy day since I moved here and of course, that is the day he comes. But we were still able to sit outside for a great sushi dinner and bottle of wine. The next day was beautiful, but he was only in town for 25 hours. He also thought I was crazy for saying that Seattle was dirty and he said it is one of the cleaner cities he has been to. Ok, fine.

Work has been awesome this week, I am finally starting to work on real projects so it makes the day go so much quicker. Today I looked up and it was 4:30pm and I swore I just had my morning coffee. This weekend I am going to Bumbershoot on Sunday and Monday. I am hitting up a big sale at REI and there is also a big tent sale for snowboarding and ski stuff. snowboarding pants that have suspenders would really work well this year and what with snowboarding hills only an hour away, there is no reason not to go. I also have to finish this paper, now that I know that I graduated from the Quinnipiac Masters program with Distinct Honor, I guess I should finish this paper to make sure it happens.

Our place is also officially on the market and we have already had 3 visits to see it. Rob is working with the realtor this weekend on a marketing plan and hopefully getting the virtual tour information up. I will send out a link when it's up. I hope offers are in before that even happens too.

I will finish off this post with some pictures of my baby and get back to my paper.