Sunday, September 28, 2008

What's going on?

Not much time to post lately. I've been really busy at work and Rob's parents were in town for a short visit. There is a nice chill in the air and it's football season. My favorite time of year

Just a few pictures showing what we've been up to.
Stewie is so happy to have her cone off. This is a big deal as she has had the cone on for about a year now. She is still taking weekly allergy shots and she is also on steroids for now. we're waiting until all the hair grows back on her stomach before we stop with the roids! In the meantime we have her pumping iron downstairs to bulk up.

A few weeks ago she got locked in our bedroom closet all day and when she finally got out, you could tell she had been digging in her stomach. Must have been because of the stress. poor thing. In the meantime, she is so happy to have her cone off like a real cat.

Rob has been working the outside trim. He took down all the gutters and is replacing all the trim around the roof of the house. The painters are coming next week to finish it up for us. It will look so great when it's finally done.
Here is a really great picture of him from the kitchen window.

I also finally finished the hemlock ring blanket. I first saw this at brooklyn tweed blog. I tried to block it, but it still needs to be blocked again and stretched out a lot. It was actually a pretty difficult knit if you have troubles following directions like I do. It was pretty quick though and the outcome is really pretty. I used the Cascade Eco Wool that the pattern calls for and have a lot left over.

Stewie likes it too!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Another late breaking favorite..

I don't post very much about work, but even as a consumer I like this.
Microsoft's "I'm a PC" campaign just launched and I am a fan! I don't like (or understand) the Bill Gates/Seinfield TV spots, but this new video I love! Check it out here . I love this video because it makes light and moves beyond the smugness that the Mac videos portray. Although I personally use both a Mac and PC and really don't have a preference, I do love this advertising campaign.

The campaign site design is actually really cool, users can upload their photos and videos if they "are a PC" and the user interaction on the site is really great. I also love that you can post the video right to Facebook or whatever social networks you use. It seems like a no brainer, but you'd be surprised how many advertising videos don't allow this viral capability, which is really not smart.

Friday Favorite

If I still lived in Northern Michigan and I actually drove anywhere, I would totally be making this for my myself. This is such a great idea! This came from Berroco Knit Bits Newsletter this Friday.

My favorite today is kind of funny. If I still lived in northern Michigan and ever drove a car I would so make this!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday Favorites

Dennis Miller. Rob and I both really like Dennis Miller. We're big fans of his radio program and listen almost every day. Rob called me around noon today and asked if I'd be interested in seeing him in Oregon tonight. So back to Oregon we go! I have a knitting class tomorrow morning so we're not able to stay over night, so it'll be a long night for us.

Oh yeah, and we scored tickets to see Phantom of the Opera last night and ate dinner at The Capital Grill. Fun Times and a busy week.

Monday, September 08, 2008

So you want to see pictures of the bathroom and basement?

From the stairs looking up at the kitchen.
We tore out the carpet, sanded the stairs, painted the stairs and walls.

From the stairs looking down at the basement.
We tore out the carpet, sanded the stairs, painted the stairs and walls.
The basement. It's a mess, but you can see the old water heater, the new water heater, and the frame of the new closet.
The new water heater and the frame. I love this bathroom.
I love this shower.

Weekend Recap

Just a quick post to update on the weekend. I love Rob more than anything and I showed him this by leaving my office at 1:00pm, with two large bags in tow. Walked up to the library for an audio book, to the Pharmacy at Westlake for Stewie's medication, to JimmyJohn's for lunch, to the bus tunnel for the 101 to Renton, it was 2:30pm when I met Rob at his office and I won big bonus points from him because he was able to finish all of his work and not drive up to Seattle to pick me up.

Anyway, we got to Medford around 11:30pm and the hotel was awful. I love fleabag motels like the next guy, but this one was BAD. Not as bad as the super 8 my parents stayed in a few years back (ask me about that if you want to hear a sick joke).

We ate breakfast at Morning Glory in Ashland, which was awesome and highly recommended. No sports bar in sights, so back to the hotel to watch football. Around 3pm, we walked around Ashland, bought some sock yarn, and enjoyed two of my favorite bottles of wine. Elk Cove Pinot Rose and Sokol Blossers Meditrina and roasted garlic,

Othello was incredible. We were 3 rows in front of the stage and it was a great setting and a romantic and well done play. I felt like the story kept my interest the whole time and whisked me away into another world. I'd go back again next year for sure.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Friday Favorites

Road Trips! Rob and I are headed to Ashland Oregon to catch Othello at the Shakespeare Festival. I'm so excited! It will take about 8 hours to get down there, but if you know Rob and I, we live for road trips. Maybe it's stems from 2 years of those long trips in the winter from Houghton to Ann Arbor. :) Look at this setting! I can't wait!