Saturday, August 18, 2012

Portlandia fare seen in Seattle, not Portland

At first I was disturbed, glancing from a distance at what looked like a badly injured person retired in the back seat of this 'beaut.

This Beacon Hill sighting is perhaps something the layman would expect in Portlandia. However, not far away is Georgetown, which is just as classy.

Cooling down

Not that we have too much to complain about regarding temperature during the summer...

...but pictured below is much better than it read in the house 2 days ago.

Cleared for takeoff

Josie & Dad started Saturday morning early at Jefferson Park. With pre-flight cleared, this baby is ready for takeoff.

Sunday, August 05, 2012

The Blues, and the blues

Today we walked down to the lake to watch the Seafair airshow. Not bad, although Josie was not expecting the noise from the Blue Angels!

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Window Work In-Work

A few months back, we decided to get going on replacing many of our old single-pane and very worn original wood windows. Not bad for being 83 years old, but not great for heat loss rates & 2012 heating oil prices!

Speaking of in-work, this project will be handled to reduce the queue time between when the window is demo'd and final window is declared done. That is, each room will be tackled from start to finish, including all finish trim and paint, before moving on to the next room. It may seem slow, but at least it will cut out the annoying time lag when the rough opening stares back at you, reminding you this project isn't "done done"!

Also included is a completely unrelated view looking up at an Emirates B777 early en route SEA-DBX. How easily I distract...