Sunday, February 20, 2011

4 Nights in San San Francisco

Just got back from four nights in San Francisco - business trip. Besides the fact that the weather was horrible, there are a few places that I went that were pretty cool.

The Jeans Bar, a really interesting place where you go up to the person working at the bar and explain to them what cut and style you like and your size is. Then gives me tean pairs to go try on and I walk out with new jeans.

One of the guys that I had dinner with on Thursday night is Italian and so when he suggested we have Italian for dinner I was quick to agree. Where does a real Italian go in San Francisco for Italian food? North Beach? He took me to Franchino's in North Beach where we got the red carpet treatment. We started with five different antipasti and then moved into fresh pasta with tomato sauce. Fanchino himself is a riot and it was a good time and great food.

Last but not least I had a chance on Friday night to go to AvenueQ in SF. My friend had an extra ticket that would go unused since one of their friends was sick. It was hilarious and not at all what I expected. Highly recommend it.

Happy to be home now.