Saturday, December 04, 2010

Estate Sale Score!

Today hosted a fantastic estate sale in Mt Baker by Flotsam &k Jetsam. Basically, it was a house much like ours, and a great opportunity for some great living & dining roomv items long desired. Couldn't believe we fit the end tables, mirror, cabinet, and coffee table in one carload!

(Pictures linked below... delayed from posted directly here until I settle the dispute between Blogger and Flickr!)

And there were 3 Magnolias

Today was the Earthcorps training for Trees For Neighborhoods on Jefferson Park. As far as I could tell, the driving range was not open, but the clear skies and great views were a good counter to the brisk temperatures.

Peeking at downtown Seattle.

The TFN program distributed trees to the neighborhood, and since we had bare planter strips on S Forest St, why not add some foliage? plus, with hot apple cider, mini donuts, and good weather for the planting training session, to whom am I to complain?

Attached are some pictures, at various time points, from the root-ball softening to the finished planted sight.

Tools and compost.

Still in the cans.

Root-ball softening & hole digging.

New homes in the planting strip.

A closer look.

Random photo of fire-red sunset (sigh... more impressive seen in-person)