Saturday, June 11, 2011

Magic foot

Today marks day one of operation for my rebuilt left ankle. So far, so good. And I would like to emphasize "so good" here. Hard to describe how much I missed walking independently for 3 months!
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A view from the sidewalk

I came home from work this week and had to stop and snap a photo of the flowers in the yard as seen from the sidewalk. We have lots of blooming peonies and roses. It's so fun to watch them bloom.

Check it out!

Everything coming up roses!

Thanks Ethel - I'll take it from here.

Check out the latest rose beauty from the yard!
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Thursday, June 02, 2011

See the light!

A cool old ceramic light fixture was made available by the bathroom remodeling, mostly because it was way too small for the bathroom. Some scraping, rewiring, and a touch of elbow grease really cleaned it up nicely. Now it starts a second, new life fitting in very nicely above the kitchen sink.

I love it when a little care and love transforms old to new!
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Request for Proposals!

With a particularly chilly winter (in Seattle terms... "chilly" would be "balmy" at our previous residences), home heating was not cheap this year! Ouch.

Despite an infant and comparatively efficient burner on a 3 year old oil furnace installed by our home's previous owner, it doesn't help matters much when your 1929 brick tudor perimeter walls were never insulation filled. While the ceiling & attic has some marginally effective rockwool, the home has some obvious gaps vs. current code standards.

Currently seeking and reviewing professional bids to properly complete this work. Not only to expand the effective insulation, but converting the furnace into a hybrid by adding a heat pump for primary heat and keeping the oil system as backup/secondary. Seems like a good strategy to me.

Turns out none of this work is very cheap. Who knew? :)

Nevertheless, there are some great hungry contractors out there that need work. Will be glad to and hope to find the right people for the job and get this work started soon.
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