Sunday, January 22, 2006

Detroit Hawk City!

Whose bright idea was it to go and get their hair cut at 6:45pm on Sunday night? The night of the NFC Championship in Seattle. Oh yeah, me. Rob brought me down there, which wasn’t an issue and then we had this idea to go to Costco and then to the Metropolitan Market in West Seattle. I was stuck in the insane Seattle Seahawks celebratory madness. Cars were honking, the riot police were out, and I was taking the bus from one side of downtown to the other in the middle of all of it. How smart. I am not a big Professional sports fan and here is just one of the reasons why. BUT, I have to say. I am extremely excited that that the Seahawks are going to the super bowl. I am even more excited that the Super Bowl is in one of my newest favorite cities, Detroit! Note to self, do not attempt to go anywhere besides to or from the bar the night of the super bowl. I think I got a taste of it tonight.

In other news, we cleaned and signed the papers to get out of our apartment this weekend. It was nice to finally wash our hands of the place and leave for good. We stopped for breakfast at a place that we had wanted to try in Greenwood called Pete’s Egg nest. Now, this is the problem that I have with Seattle breakfast. When you go not o only is it expensive, but it is double the food that any human should take in. Why not cut your portion in half and cut the bill at least 20%. Until then, I will save up for dinner.

Pictures to come in the next post. I needed a break from uploading. J

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Avoid Plastering at all costs

There is one job that with this whole house that I would have hired out... that was the plastering. I never thought it would be as hard of a job as what it turned out to be. By the time you mix the plaster and apply it 3 times, it is already dry! I ended up throwing more away then what I actually used. It was a VERY hard job, which is why our walls look so bad. Having to do it all over again…. I would have knocked down the walls and put up drywall. I say "I", but I mean "we" even if Rob didn't help me plaster much. Yes, the patient one got frusterated with plaster!

Some recent house events:
Tiling the floor – This went easier then I thought. We were able to find a local tile store that let Rob use the wet saw so we didn’t have to worry about renting or buying a saw. The grouting was a little difficult and hard to keep nice and neat, but I am pretty sure that it will clean up just fine on spots we missed

The walls – The biggest paint yet, the pictures will show you why. I changed the color at the last second for the kitchen. It’s hard to match kitchen colors when you have a tangerine Kitchen Aid.

Base Cabinets are in – No faces or anything, but they are there.

Appliances are there except dishwasher – I have to admit I a extremely worried about this kitchen being way to small. Problem is, I don’t think we could have done anything differently with the planning. I think we will just have to make due with what we have.

Floors – We are hiring out the refinishing of the hardwood floors. It was just too much of a pain to think about right now. The guy can have it done by Friday so no complaints.

Moving – We are moving in on Saturday morning and then hitting the bar for the Seahawks playoff game.

What else have we been doing? At this point, going to work seems like a vacation. To actually cook my own dinner would be a luxury. We have been eating out so much it doesn’t even sound good anymore. And water? I am lucky if I drink 8 ounces a day. Yesterday we both stayed home sick from work. We actually were physically drained… but that’s another story. After the appliances got there, we went to Tutta Bella in the Columbia City area of Seattle. One of only 114 (I think) Neapolitan style pizza restaurants in the country(Dad would really like it). It’s was fab and I can’t wait to take guests there. Nice thin crust pizza. It was nice to sit down to eat for once.

Here are some pictures.
Before the Appliances
After the Appliances