Monday, February 27, 2006

Wine Cooler

Well it's in and I think we are going to keep it. We always thought it would be cool to have a wine cooler in that space. But, they were always so expensive. Now we found one and it doesn't look perfect yet, because there is still a lot of work to do on the cabinets. I think it will stay. Here are some pictures but i couldn't get a picture of the fancy light that comes on in the background.

Crystal Mountain Rocks

We went to Crystal Mountain this weekend. It rocked! We stayed at the lodge through Boeing and it was 4 people to a room, but hey... I'm a tomboy, it doesn't bother me at all to sleep in a room with 3 boys/men. We hit the slopes first thing on Saturday morning and it was clean, but not clear enough that you could see Mt Rainer, and this is supposed to have the best views. Nope, still couldn't see it. What a shame. A lot of chair lifts and tons of runs. About a foot of new powder and it was just a blast. We stayed until it closed (4pm) and then finished off with a pitcher of moose drool beer. I can't think of a better S: .

Tonight we went to costco and found a 12 inch wine cooler. Which, of course, we need to have. So I will send a picture of that once it is installed. We only have a 12 inch space in our cabinets, so it was the only one that could ever possibly fit. We just happened to see one at Costco.

Some Pics from the weekend. One is of Rob deciding which way to lead us and the other is of the hotel at the way bottom of the Mountain, you can't really see if so you can see how high we were.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Another Saturday Wasted

Gosh, all I want to do is find a rug, chair, and maybe a coffee table. I really don’t think that is too much to ask. I swear we have been to every chain store that sells chairs, rugs, and tables. We have even been to some local shops, but have found that they are pretty pricey. And, as usual, my taste is just a little to expensive. I love this chair from LaZboy, but of course it’s almost $1,000. Um… yeah, I don’t think that’s going to work out.
At any rate, we don’t eat out every night, I swear. Tonight we went to Pig Iron BBQ in Georgetown. Very cool low-key place. I had a pulled pork sandwich with slaw and sweet potatoes fries. Rob had a 1/2 Rack of Ribs and spinach quiche with mashed potatoes and gravy. We also shared a pitcher of Shiner Boch. It was good food good service. Not much else to ask for.

Now that we are home and had a few beers, we don’t want to do anything else. I think Spinal Tap is in order. I’ve never seen the movie….. We’ll see how it goes.

Friday, February 17, 2006


I have been trying to knit more lately. I taught myself how to knit at Michigan Tech on those boring snowy days. Then in Deep River they had a free class at the library that I took. The woman there was REALLY mean and it turned me off for a while. Then when I moved out here, I really wanted to start up again. There are a lot of cool yarn shops and a lot of people knit. I have already met some really nice people through knitting and all the shops I go to are so helpful and so nice.

So far, I really have only worked on scarves. I know… so boring. But I do wear them almost every day. Here are my two favorites from yarn I bought at So much Yarn in Belltown. Rob got me a gift certificate there for my birthday and then we waited till their big sale and I got some really nice fancy yarn. I made a scarf for my mom and 2 for me and now I am working on a hat.

TGIF, it will be nice to have the weekend off even if we only work around the house.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

This is Seattle in February

It was nice this weekend and at no time did I ever wish I still lived out east. While my friends back east were getting 27 inches of snow, we had beautiful clear sunny days in upper 40s-50s. A nice crisp winter day… and no snow to clean up.

One of my friends told me that they didn’t think that Chinese food was as good in Seattle as in other cities, particularly east. I think I disagree and say that while it is different, perhaps it's more authentic? I had a craving for chinese food and I talked Rob into going to a place we had never been in the I.D. (International District). The food was outstanding, the service was suspect… I think it's a suitable “take out only” staple for us.

This morning we went to a Pancake Breakfast for the West Seattle Youth Basketball League. It was nice to support something in a new city that was once so important to me as a kid. Then we went to the Farmers Market and bought some Apple Cider and tulips. We drove around Alki beach, it was so nice and people were walking around everywhere, I can’t wait to go back to hang out when we are not so tied down to our house.

Here are some links of where we went this weekend:
Geraldine's Counter – Columbia City – This was good. I liked it. However, I don’t like any place where you don’t get a free refill cup of coffee. I know I am cheap… but still.
Stellar Pizza & Ale– Georgetown – Georgetown is such a cool artsy little area with some shops, restaurants and bars. It’s right at the north end of Boeing Field in a pretty industrial area with some residential mixed in. This was great pizza and even better local brew options. We will be back for sure.
West Seattle Farmers MarketThere are a lot of Farmers markets in the area in the summer, but only a few are staying open throughout the winter. I was in luck as I was hoping they would have tulips.
Sichuanese Cuisine Restaurant - International District – Seattle – As I said before, this was really good. Service was fair at best.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Random Pictures

It was beautiful in Seattle today. I took a picture from my offiice and I am sure it didn't do the scenery any justice. Then, this morning when I left for the bus, I noticed a flower on the bush outside. It's only Feb, That's great! I think I also spot tulips under the tree. I don't know anything about gardening, so I may be wrong.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Seahawks lose… Humph!

A rough weekend here in Seattle after a tough loss last night in the Super Bowl. From the sounds of it, Detoit put on a great show. This may surprise some people, but it doesn't really surprise me as I have come to really enjoy Detroit in the past few years and have been reading the detroit blogs the past week and it looks like they did a great job getting ready for the Super Bowl there. On Friday we were lucky enough to go out to dinner and then to a show to see one our favorite new artists, Mat Kearney . We ran into him while he was opening for another one of outr favorite bands, Stephen Kellog and the Sixers, Since then we have been following Mat to watch when he plays in Seattle. As usual, he puts on a great show and is cute besides.

This weekend we also took some time this weekend to do some shopping for things that we needed and do some stuff around the house, like hang up the wall cabinets so we can actually put some dishes away. Below are dome pictures of our very messy house! More to follow, but we did have a fire on Sunday night for the first time.. Nice!

Happy Birthday to Rob!

Rob’s Birthday was Jan 31st. We bought tickets to see The Weddng Singer which is premiering in Seattle before it premiers on Broadway in April. It stars Steven Lynch, who is a pretty well known singer comedian. It really was a hilariously funny 90s parody based on the Adam Sandler movie that I loved. I highly recommend it. Rob liked it too. I really love the theatre in any capacity, but this was a real treat for both of us on Rob’s birthday.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Weekend at Mt Hood.

A few weekends ago Rob and I went to Mt Hood Meadows in Oregon. Neither one of us had ever been there before, but were eager to try it. This was going to be our first try at snowboarding since moving out west. On Friday night we drove down to White Salmon, WA right on the Columbia River which divides Washington and Oregon. We stayed at the The Inn at White Salmon. It’s a beautiful area and we were there earlier in the fall. Apparently you need chains on your tires to get up to the mountain especially when it is snowing about an inch a minute. We snowboarded on Saturday and Sunday and needless to say, we had a blast. There was tons of snow and the visibility was low, but as someone who has graduated from green runs to blue runs. The green runs were even challenging and blue runs were downright hard for someone like me. Here are a few pictures from the weekend.