Wednesday, December 28, 2005

More pictures

Not much to report. Christmas was uneventful and lonely, but we still had a nice day. We worked on the house all weekend. Now that Rob is off work this week he is working on the demp of the kitchen, the bathroom finishing touches and hopefully tiling the kitchen floor. I am working all week and then going to the house after work to supervise. :)

We took the evening off to watch the Michigan/Nebraska game. Go Blue. More pictures below.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

The House!

I can’t even explain how slowly things are moving along. It just seems like we take 3 steps forward and 1 back. Nothing is getting done as fast as what I would like and we waited too long to order our appliances so they won’t be here for a while either. The kitchen is the main concern right now. We need to demo the existing kitchen tomorrow and possibly put in the tile. We orderedGE Profile appliances because Rob got a Boeing discount, we also got a deal on tile at Lowes, we also are getting a Hi-Macs countertop , which I guess is an affordable solid surface countertop. The deal included an integrated sink. We should ger it in 2 weeks.

A U shape kitchen is very hard to plan, it’s not like a galley which is really easy. We have fought and fought over what to do about the kitchen. The biggest problem is the lead time that the cabinet makers need to get the cabinets done… it’s too long and we don’t want to wait that long. In our condo we used Ikea because they were cheap and available. To our surprise they were nice too, sometimes Ikea is hit and miss, so you have to be careful. I think we will try Ikea again and here is a link to the style we are getting. So with the dark cabinets, we ordered light countertop, white sink, stainless appliances, light tile backsplash and light tile floors. I hope it works because it’s kind of nerve wracking!

Here a bunch of pictures of the cabinets we want, the house as it is right now with the paint and stuff and also the tile that we bought. The little square on top is the sample countertop.

Go Seahawks!

I really really wish I would have tried harder to get tickets for the game today. I mean, what else did we have going on Christmas Eve. This morning, I asked Rob to take me to my favorite coffee shop Zeitgeist Coffee on Second and Jackson. Best Latte ever! I totally didn’t even think about the fact that the coffee shop was 2 blocks from the stadium and of course, half the streets were blocked off, and Rob was NOT happy as driving was a MESS. Being 57 degrees out, everyone was outside on the patios at the bars and it was packed down there. Looked like a blast! While spending 2 hours at Lowe’s we got to the house and listened to the game. Seahawks win and the Super Bowl is possible! It’s pretty exciting.

The last week or so in a nutshell

Had and awesome time at Ang & Chris’s with mom and dad. We did a lot of nothing, but it was fun and it was so nice to see everyone, especially their new kitchen … which looks GREAT!

Although I don’t complain about the Seattle rain because it really doesn’t bother me. Walking around Pioneer Square shopping the day before Christmas Eve in the pouring rain was more then I could handle. My jacket was soaking wet, my shoes were wet, my feet were cold, wet and itchy. Bad news.

It is 57 degrees today. It’s a heat wave, it totally doesn’t feel like Christmas.

This is completely lame, but we are taking on Christmas Eve by going to Dick’s drive in and watching A Very Brady Christmas, (my favorite Christmas movie, ever) and building a fire. I know it could be so much better, but I guess this will do. Oh yeah, and laundry.

I am making a new scarf with the yarn that Ang got me for Christmas, it is super awesome. See picture below.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Work in progress

It’s nearly 3 weeks after we closed on our house and we still have not completed what I anticipated we would complete in the first weekend. Isn’t that the way it goes though? I started by thinking we could paint all the rooms, the vanity, get all the new light fixtures and even start weeding out the lawn in the front and back. Boy, what a joke. The first day after we closed I took the day off and went to Lowe’s. I ripped up the spare bedroom carpeting all by myself and took out all the staples and nails. The only problem was that we found out why they had carpeting over the floors. There are big black marks on the floors that I indicate some type of dampness, hopefully not to far into the wood. Rob has the idea that we will refinish the floors now before we move in. Great idea. Looks like we won’t be in till next year. 2006.

This weekend we are going to Ang and Chris’s so we won’t work the weekend, but after that we will have our nose to the grindstone and the kitchen demo on. We are in talks with a cabinet guy and we will see how that pans out. As soon as the kitchen is in we will be in too.

In the meantime below are some pictures that I took two weekends ago. We bought all of our paint at Benjamin Moore this time and we were very happy with the results. We bought Home dept paint before and we just didn’t like it, so I am glad that we tried out a paint store, I really do think you can tell a difference.

I will try, I promise, to keep this updated especially with pictures as we keep doing all the work to the house. I had second thoughts the day of the closing, but now I see potential there and am really happy with the house after all. Rob, on the other hand, never had a doubt in his mind. Seattle magazine also just called the Beacon Hill neighborhood one of the most up and coming in Seattle. Good news I hope?

Here are some pictures of the bedrooms, just the master and office (the 2 upstairs). You can't see the paint colors very well. The bedroom is a blueish grey and the office is an olive. living/Dining and hallways are all ivory. We chose from the "Historical" colors that are supposed to all have a grey undertone and fit into the arts & craft era homes. The bathroom is also a bright yellow. More pictures to come. I know these stink.