Thursday, July 27, 2006

Mariner’s games in the suite are sweet!

Rob and I went to the game on Tuesday. We were able to scam tickets into a suite. Turns out the seats were not that much better than the bleachers, but the beer was free. That alone saves us almost $80 – suite! It was also the same knite as stitch n’ pitch. Sadly, I couldn't go to that and the suite. Free beer trumps knitting.

There has been a lot going on this week, our poor cats must hate us since we haven’t been home at all. We have some friends coming over tonight for dinner and tomorrow I have a softball playoff game and then a going away party for a co-worker after that. Hopefully this weekend we’ll catch up where we left off on the kitchen projects. Maybe even get some unpacking done. AUGH.

I ordered shades today!! So we can take the towels off the windows soon.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Hey - It’s progress

FYI – It is now 88 degrees in our house. Our dinner plans were cancelled for tonight, so really we had all day to work on things around the house. I only wanted to work on stuff in the morning… but soon morning becomes afternoon and its 4pm and here we are. Rob is still working and I am laying in the basement.

Besides the normal laundry, cleanup, etc. we also did these things:

Hung the new headboard. With plywood and a 40% off coupon from Joann’s we were able to make this really nice functional headboard to make our bedroom a lot cozier without putting a huge bed frame in. I love it and I think it turned out great. The directions were really straightforward and it was very easy.

Cut all the remaining backsplash tiles and put them in place. You know, the tiles around lights and outlets. It’s a pain… but now it’s done. We also started grouting today. We ran out so I think that is something we’ll have to pick up this week.

In May when my parents were here, Dad helped Rob replace the kitchen window. Since we have been busy having a life and not getting the projects done, today was the first day he was able to frame the window. On Saturday we bought the trim and painted. Then we build the frame around the window. I think it looks fantastic and it makes that tiny kitchen look so much bigger.

Go Mariners! We missed a good game today, but at least we got tons of work done around the house.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

It’s a mess, I know

Our second bedroom upstairs/office is a mess. A lot of it is due to all my yarn and half started projects. I need to clean it up today and there is no excuse not to. But Brian likes all my yarn on the table. I took a few photos of him this morning.

Last night we met for drinks at Smarty Pants and then tried out the 9 LB Hammer, which is just a few doors down. We took the bus home and just hung out for the rest of the night. Today we need to finish some house projects. I don’t think it is going to be as hot as originally projected ...good news. The house was 85 degrees, so sleeping in the basement seemed like the best option. About 4 hours later a twin bed is TOO small. We came back upstairs where the 4 of us can sleep in peace.

I got a surprise Saturday delivery today. My new needles! They are the KnitPicks Options Interchangeable needles and so far I like them…. A lot! I will update with some pictures later.

Also a special thanks to Ang. A late anniversary gift came in the mail today. Thanks!! It's a gift certificate for Wonderful Graffiti. We are looking at something for the bedroom or living room right now, when we finally decide we'll let you know. Thanks a again.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

In need of pedicure

I am not sure that I would say it was relaxing. The place was a dump, but it was only $10. I stopped on my way home. Today my stomach felt a little off after having lunch with a friend at one of my favorite lunch spots, Tat’s. I hope Tat's didn't make me sick. I love it there.

The Red Sox are coming into town this weekend and of course all the bleacher seats($7) are sold out. Maybe everyone wants to go the game? Now I see seats available for $25 a piece on Craigslist. Not only do I hate giving professional sports teams my money for games, but I also hate giving these greedy jerks who buy all the tickets in the bleachers only to sell them at triple the cost even more. A-holes! Needless to say unless something happens I will be watching the game in my 95 degree living room instead of in the sun outside. Yes, it should be 95 this weekend. Don't be jealous of our nice weather and No humidity.

Rob was out of town this weekend and thank god I at least have one friend, Liz, who was gracious enough to hang out with me Friday & Saturday. We laughed like crazy due to some Love Connection episodes and some quality Cops. Queen Anne shops were having sidewalk sales and I got a really great jewelry box that matches the bedroom and holds all my bling nicely.

Have you see this? I was browsing the advertising blogs today, I saw a post about a woman who apparently caught her husband cheating, pulled some connections, and got even with this funny billboard. I bought it. I read the blog she wrote. Then after a little more research, I saw there is the same billboard in LA. Hmmm, why would it be in LA. Who has those kinds of connections? So it’s a marketing scam, but for who? How much would you hate your job if you had to come up with 20 blog entries detailing a story of how you found your husband cheating? What’s next? Logos on eggs? Oh wait… now we are in trouble. This is no Yolk.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Latest Project – Braided Mischief

I haven’t decided whether or not this will be a Christmas gift for someone, but either way it doesn’t matter. It’s my first try at cabling, before I start even more cabling. It’s from book Scarf Style and it’s actually really easy. You just have to pay attention if you will cable in front or cable in back.

I am using Wool of the Andes by KnitPicks with size 10 needles and a size 10 double pointed needles instead of a cable needle. The yarn is really nice and not itchy at all. It's also super cheap. I am really proud of this because I thought I would never learn how to cable and now I see how easy it is.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

What? 28.00 at McPherson’s

It is really no secret that we have the world's best produce market just down the street. It’s actually pretty well known within the city and it’s rare that we spend more than $10 there. Yesterday I needed to go there to load up and I was surprised to see that I had finally cracked the $25 mark. I am not sure if it’s good or bad. Here's what I bought:

1 red onion - .49/lb = .$.62
6 mushrooms = $.95
Bunch of celery = $1.19
1 zucchini = $.43
2 bags of baby carrots = $1.29
3 grapefruits = $1.00
3 small lemons = $.48
Blueberries = $2.99
Raspberries = $.99
Strawberries = 1.29
2 red peppers = $.59 each
Yellow pepper = $.50
Bag of rice = $.79
Cherries = $1.99/lb
Red grapes = $1.99
Bananas = $1.91
Garlic = $.34
4 ears of corn = $2.00
3 peaches = $.97
Broccoli = $1.24
Eggplant = $.33
Cuke = $.66
Avocado = $.69
Roma Tom = $.47

I give you this information only because I know that the price of the peppers make dad jealous.

Mariners beat the Tigers today. Rob and I went down to the game and sat in the first row in the $7 bleacher seats. Lots and Lots of sun and a nice win for the home team.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Do you want to see Orca Whales?

Go to Johnstone Straight in the summer time. The Orca pods swim in the 300-mile area and through the straight. We camped there on a mission to kayak and see the whales.

The night before we left we drove all the way to Port McNeil, it’s a logging town with about 15,000 people but you would never know, there was nothing there. We stayed at a hotel called the HaidaWay Motel. Not only were there no computer system and everything was done by hand, we were also able to obtain the remote control when we checked in. There obviously is a high rate of theft for room remotes. There was also a 90210 marathon on (Bonus!).

Early the next morning we had breakfast and drove into Telegraph Cove where we were to meet our guide for the kayaking trip. Turns out Rob and I were the only ones on the tour and so it was going to truly be a custom tour just for us. We packed everything we needed into our kayaks and were off to camp. Camp ended up being a spot on the beach where our guide quickly pulled together a makeshift table with a tarp on top and called it the “kitchen”. We ate 5 star meals that our guide cooked up for us. Pesto Pasta, Rice and veggies, pancakes, omelets, salads, fresh fruits, cookies, and dessert etc. It was amazing., We saw whales every day while they swam by our camp along with a bunch of other animal life. We slept on the beach listening to the ocean and it was defiantly worth it. The company was Northwest Expeditions and they were great.

Yesterday we drove up to Campbell River where we quickly took showers. We are both tired and sore and I think we might catch the ferry home tonight instead. We have a lot of stuff to do at home as Rob is off to Boston next weekend.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Best B&B Ever

We are in Tofino and just getting ready to leave for a 7 hour drive up north to Port McNeill. Tofino turned out to be a beautiful, fun town right on the Pacific Ocean that is a little hard to get to. After a long day in the car, we finally arrived to Jensen Bay B&B. Our hosts were so nice. We were both instantly impressed by our nicely decorated clean room. A private enterence, a hot tub, and patio table right outside our room. Complimentary bikes, robes, Home roastd coffee, and the BEST breakfast wheeled by trolley right outside our door. This was a great place for under $100 a night, which is a rare find in Tofino. Tofino has a major laid back surfer feel and we'll will be back some day. Next time, we can fly via float plane and get right to the town dock. The winter storms here draw a lot of crowds and are really something to see. We've had a great time here and I got to try out my new bike pedals. They work great despite falling off my bike and skinning my knee on the gravel.