Monday, July 25, 2011

Almost done, but not "done done"

Removing the old and building the new subfloor was hard labor. Adding floor heat was fun (not really) and will be a great perk. Tiling was difficult & more careful work. All cleaned up nicely, in the end. So the floor is now done.

Unfortunately the trim & some final paint needed hold this project from the elusive "done done" category.

Now for some shameless horn-tooting. I nailed it (figuratively) pulling off the finished height exactly where planned: flush with the hallway hardwoods at the door threshold. No trip hazard anymore. A great feeling. :)
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Friday, July 22, 2011

Taking shape, lying flat

After work today, I had just enough time to lay in the new hex tile. Not too bad, and went down better than the heated floor layer!

Looking forward to touchup & grout Sunday, and perhaps a functional bathroom by Sunday.
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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Heating & Thinning, Part I

Recently prepped the hardibacker (tm?) with the tile warmer heating elements, followed by a nice light layer of thinset mortar. Amazing, hard work reaching and spreading that mortar as desired!

The waiting game (24 hrs) holds in effect until the next coat of thinset and hex tile.
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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New Neighborhood Pizza

Lucky for us Bar del Corso opened last week. It's been fun to walk by the old Beacon Pub and to watch the transformation during these past weeks. We were lucky enough to attend the soft opening the week prior where they offered us free pizza to give them some practice. We tried five different pizzas which included Margherita, Salame Piccante, Puttanesca. They were all delish. The following week, during the actual opening, we walked by and were thrilled to see that not only were they packed but they has a line outside of people waiting! I guess Beacon Hill was hungry for a new restaurant.
* Photo from Flickr - by litlnemo
Bar del Corso will never replace Pizzuto's in our hearts but it does offer something within walking distance on those night when we just want something nearby.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Taped & Topped

Hardibacker (tm?) is taped & tidy. Topped by toilet, temporarily.

Tonight's random alliteration was brought to you by: this bathroom remodel.
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New subfloor a-rising

Yes! The new bathroom floor is coming together. Included are a few pictures, showing:

- Final sections under roto-hammering

- Extraction of old toilet (trap water -CLEAN!- drained effortlessly into tub)

- Nice & clean 82 year old 1 x 6 T&G

- New hardibacker (tm?) subfloor

- Brian trying to sleep! Picture a thought bubble above his head: "Keep it down, please!!!"

More to come as the heated tile goes in over the next few days.
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Monday, July 04, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

Hope you are enjoying a nice 235th! Weather is gorgeous in Seattle. We have various activities planned, and hope you are enjoying yourselves too.

In other news, we completed the insulation work previously discussed. Happy to have that done. Lower heating costs next winter sure would be great!

Note the holes plugged.

I'm also in the home stretch (?) of the main bath remodel. Currently demo-ing the old and very sturdy tile floor. Would love to keep it, if it weren't so badly chipped already (revealed after peeling back the old linoleum). After rebuilding the subfloor, the plan is heated hex-tile. Once that is done, the new toilet and sink and a few final coats of paint will finish off this project.

Chisel. Chisel. Chisel.

Finally, it just wouldn't be right for me to close today's posting without including the clip below.