Monday, August 20, 2007

Top Down Baby Sweater

A few weeks ago Liz posted about the Top Down Baby Sweater that she finished. I got jealous and started mine too. This all transpired from the yarn tour we went on in May and the LYS, So Much Yarn, had this pattern with some really great yarn. This yarn is really nice (a bit pricey) and I found another cute project for this yarn too. This is a super easy pattern and it has no seams. I love it. I am making 2 more right now (Lots of babies coming soon). This sweater will be for one of my oldest friends, Leslie, who is expecting a little boy this fall.Here are the details:
Pattern: Top Down Baby Sweater for free from So Much Yarn
Yarn: 1 skein Dream in Color
Needles: US 9 Knit Picks Options, 16" US 6 for the ribbed edge. DP needles for the sleeves.
Completion Time: 3 days - This one is addictive. I knitted on the bus, at work, at home, in bed.
Modifications: None
Notes: I started it over once because the non-seams looked weird. You really need 1 practice sweater or be prepared to start over.

Bathroom Blues

I think we were kidding ourselves thinking that we would have the bathroom done by Wednesday. Mom and Dad Gifford are coming to town and we'd really love to have that basement bathroom done. As always, we underestimated how much work it really is to do this. As you know, the previous 1/4th bathroom in the basement was just a toilet. We've always wanted a bathroom down there and we wanted to have it in this spring... but you know how that goes. With the new fence, the yard work, random housework, and everything else going on we just didn't find the time. Now we are up against the wall trying to get this done, we don't get house guests very often so this is a big deal. :)

Tonight we are in the process of tiling the shower, the floor, and installing the electrical work. Not to mention cleaning up so we don't live in a pigsty! Below are a few updated pics.

If you want to see before pics, click here


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

work. Work. WORK

And not even the 9am-5pm type work. I just finished mixing, pouring, and generally helping Rob with the cement in the new bathroom floor. After passing the plumbing inspection, Rob is quickly working (and I'm helping) to get that floor leveled out so we can tile this weekend. We picked up the tile this weekend and I can't wait to see how it looks!

The good news is the summer weather is back and it was 80 tonight while I was playing beach volleyball at Alki. It was so nice! I hope it stays around for a while longer. I'll post more pictures after this weekend when bathroom starts to progress.

The bathroom from the basement.
We're practicing sustainability by reusing the old door for the new bathroom.
Next to it is the shower pan for the shower that will be tiled.

Who likes to manually mix cement?

Friday, August 10, 2007

Seattle Summer

I have to admit. I am really disappointed with this summer so far. It's been pretty dreary and no sun. we've had about 3 weeks of nice weather. On Wednesday when I played beach volleyball it was freezing!

Last weekend we were in San Diego for Coleman and Andrea's wedding. It was a lot of fun and so nice to see all of our friends again. The wedding was beautiful and Andrea is a great match for Jamey. It was a fun short trip and I can't wait to go down there again. Lucky for us we got compensated for missing the Blue Angels in Seattle and were able to see a C-17 during the ceremony, but I was the only one who turned around to take a picture. Click here if you want to see more from the wedding.
Once we got home, we had to go straight to working on the bathroom. The plumber has been here for 3 days now and I think by Monday we can have the inspector come and start working on the rest of it. I'll take some pictures this weekend. Hopefully I will make some more headway on the rest of the pillows in the living room as well.