Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fall is Here

This Saturday was supposed to start off with a nice bike ride across I-90 in preparation of my last triathlon of the season. Instead... fall has begun and I'm sitting here watching College Game Day and watching it rain - Bummer.

It's been slow on our blog lately and that's simply because we've had a lot going on. Last weekend Rob and I competed in a Triathlon / Duathlon in Vancouver, WA. It was by far the hardest Triathlon I have ever competed in. The hills were crazy. Rob was amazing as always and set a record pace of 27 minutes for his first 5K. Luckily the rental car we had had satellite radio so we could listen to the Michigan Game. What a day!

Then we found our stolen Jeep about 2 miles from our house with some body damage. It doesn't look like a lot of damage, but the insurance company is going to total the car. Which means we have to buy a new/used car. That's not something that we had planned to do.Lastly, I finished some fun knitting projects. Our friends Dave & Tami just had a little Michigan fan named Drew. I knitted him a navy blue sweater and some Michigan Legwarmers. Then I had an extra skein of Malabrigo Chunky, so I made this cabled hat for myself.

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