Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Seriously Starbucks, Mitch Albom? – Rant for the Day

I go to Starbucks for these reasons and these reasons only.
1. I have no cash and need to pay with a credit card.
2. I have a gift card that I am trying to use up.

If you put a Charbucks next to an independent coffee shop, I will go to the ind shop hands down, every single time. I like the taste of the espresso better, I like the level or service better, and I love how they put the froth on the top of my latte and make a leaf design in it. It makes me happy. I can’t stand the people who order the most difficult drink just because they can. Double Maple nonfat 200 degree Chai Latte with one squirt, – Get Real and Get over yourself!

This morning I had a gift card to Starbucks so I stopped for a pumpkin spice latte. Right there in the center aisle was a display promoting the new sappy, Oprah walrus clapping book, For One More Day.

I’ve read Mitch for a long time in the Freep (I started in 1999) and I always liked him. I even liked “Tuesdays”. The book and the movie. But when I had heard about his fraudulent column in April of 2005, that was it for me. DONE! He had claimed in his column that two ex MSU basketball players were at a NCAA final 4 game (MSU v. NC), when in fact they had changed their plans last minute and didn’t go to the game. Yes, he wrote his article the night before based on what he “thought” would happen. He wrote an apology later, but that’s only because he got caught. He’s not the only one to blame as I am sure there are editors involved too. It’s the whole “walk on water” mentality that really bugs me. I boycott things for a lot of different reasons and this is just one of them.

In other news, I saw Dr. McDreamy today in person. They were shooting Grey’s Anatomy in Pioneer Square and we heard about it and rand own there. It’s only a few blocks from my office and was worth a shot. He walked right by me. So HOT! He is one of those guys that gets better looking with age. Ronnie Miller the lawn boy? Not so hot.


Michele said...

hey al, try the decaf:) HA

Anonymous said...

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