Tuesday, October 10, 2006

So much time...

I just realized it’s been a while since I last posted. Things have been really busy. My sister came to visit us last weekend. I love have guests in town, but it just always makes me sad that she doesn’t live closer. We spent all day shopping on Friday and I don’t think that we are very good for each other’s pocketbooks. While Rob says “Al, do you really need that?” she says, 'That's cool, you should buy it.” It’s nice to have someone other than your husband to shop with.

Believe it or not the roofers are still not done. Real classy, I know. Sure a day and a half job is now looking like a week and a half. No problem. I don’t think we have the views that we had hoped for, but it could be worse. I'll ppost something when the skylights finally get installed.

In more exciting news, if you are interested in FREE HDTV you may want to read on. Rob and I have been looking at LCD Tvs for a long time. We wanted something slim that would fit in our living room and look sleek and not take over. Not doing the research that we should have, we decided to buy a 32 inch Phillips LCD Tv. Note: when a tv says that is it is HDTV ready, it means that you still need to plug it into the fancy set top cable box. If you want to bypass fancy cable and get the HDTV over the airwaves, you will have to have a separate tuner. So we take the HD ‘not so” ready tv back and order an off brand 32inch LCD with an internal tuner (turns out, I think a 32 inch is too big). I am now watching the Tigers game in HD for free!

Also, did you see that Google bought youtube? It’s great that google wants to buy that lawsuit waiting to happen. I also read last night that the google brats bought the garage that they started their search engine in to preserve it for their legacy. In Rob’s words. “shouldn’t someone else be responsible for preserving your legacy? Can you really do that yourself?”

We are also both sick. And so is my sister. humph!

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