Thursday, October 15, 2009

Vancouver, WA Tri

I've been horrible about updating the blog, but moving into the fall months it should be easy if I can get Rob's help too. Anyway, I wanted to post about a special Duathlon / Triathlon that Rob and I did together down in Vancouver Washington. It was the weekend after labor day.

Allison's Triathlon: There were only about 60 participants and it got off to a great start with the swim. However, the bike, which was supposed to be for beginners quickly turned sour. It was 14 miles of pure hell. Nothing but large rolling hills. By about 4 miles in, I was already walking my bike up hills. I am not too proud to walk up hills but I will die before I DNF (Do not finish). Finally when that part was over, moving in to the run was a breeze but my legs were already fried. I finished. I guess that' good.

Rob's Duathlon: Rob rocked the Duathlon, what else would I expect? He set the 5 K Race time at somewhere around 8 minutes. Then he rocked the bike. Only a small problem at the end during the last part of the run. It was hot as hell and he thought he might pass out so he stop for a few minutes. Either way. He did great. I cant wait to get him in more next year! Also 0 He won 2nd Place (out of 4). :)

Even though it was hard it was still fun. Probably the best way to shed 1500 calories before breakfast.

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